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 Training to produce SUPERIOR

human collaboration, engagement, and results in Skype for Business and WebEx meetings


virtual team meeting 


Reduce the need to travel because your virtual meeting meets everyone's needs and surpasses everyone's expectations!

Virtual Meeting Excellence

If collaboration in your virtual meeting isn't BETTER than face-to-face, then you'll benefit from his course.  Nine out of 10 people multitask in virtual meetings because they're more engaged by other things than the content of your meeting.  We'll train you how to change that picture n ways that you and your team will embrace and use often.

Proven start-to-finish models


relationships and sense of team

If there's no budget for travel, you'll prize these effective ways to build the human connections you need for high performance!

You'll learn how to ...

Learn how to create human magic in meetings!




Learn easy, proven ways to get everyone participating at levels far faster and more inclusively than face-to-face meetings!

No one has to travel to receive truly spectacular training!

  • Speed brainstorming, problem-solving, and decision-making at levels that just aren't possible in traditional meetings.

  • Continually create and exchange robust feedback  that energizes everyone!

  • Build an energized team environment that keeps motivation high.

  • Create trusting relationships--even with virtual team members that have never met face-to-face