How to Enhance Trust, Rapport, and Sense of Team--Virtually!

No team was ever built by watching slide shows or listening to someone else talk. Teamwork is about interaction—rich, relevant team collaboration where everyone is included and actively participating.

Someone once mentioned that leading a virtual team is like herding cats. Not so! When your virtual team communicates, collaborates, and connects effectively from distant locations, they are every bit as energized, aligned, and effective as if they are in one room together.

What is the glue that transforms people that are on the same distribution list into a focused, cohesive high-performance virtual team? It’s trust.

Highly effective virtual leaders counteract the isolation of distance by deliberately building a strong, vibrant sense of team--when virtual. They intentionally communicate in ways that enhance the connections of the people to the leader, the team, and the work—when virtual. They consciously engage people into the team’s collaboration so that everyone is included and everyone is a part of the process-- when virtual. No one in any location is disadvantaged from being a full and equal participant in team success.

The benefits are better relationships, which make people happier at work, more collaborative as a team, and up to 36% more productive.

Bridge the Distance offers an array of two-hour webinars designed to build interpersonal trust, rapport, and connections, from afar.

  • How to build 1:1 trust, remotely
  • How to build virtual team connections, remotely
  • How to manage conflict, from afar
  • How to motivate a virtual team, remotely
  • How to accelerate collaboration in online meetings
  • …and more

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