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How to Make Your Online Presentation Engaging, Interactive, and Compelling!

If your sales, marketing, or training webinar is a Death by PowerPoint information dump, 75% of the people in your online audience are multi-tasking, and you are just background noise.  On the other hand, if you know the secrets to fully engage a remote audience, they’re hooked!

Do you use webinars for:

  • Sales presentations
  • Marketing presentations
  • Corporate presentations
  • Large group training

If so, Bridge the Distance offers training and consulting to make your online presentation engaging, interactive, and compelling. Our training is uniquely designed with proven models and practices designed to keep your online audience actively engaged to your last word. You’ll learn…

  • How to reformat your presentation for an online audience.
  • How to get people to stop multi-tasking and pay attention.
  • How to replace missing non-verbal cues with something better.
  • How to create rapport with a remote audience.
  • ...and so much more

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Bridge The Distance