How to Make Your Online Meetings Engaging, Interactive, and Results-focused!

Virtual teams that collaborate best produce 36% higher results than those that collaborate at low levels.

Collaboration isn’t about dialing into the same phone bridge or logging on to the same web conference session. Instead, Accelerated Collaboration™ is about making interaction in your web conference meetings BETTER than face-to-face.

CPR* for Online Meetings is a breakthrough online training program to teach virtual team leaders and online meeting facilitators how to create Accelerated Collaboration™ in web conference meetings. CPR stands for Collaboration, Participation, Results. You’ll learn how to deliver:

  • faster problem solving
  • better decisions
  • faster alignment
  • stronger relationships
  • higher performance - from afar!

In CPR* for Online Meetings, you’ll learn:

  • How to reformat your online meeting for accelerated collaboration.
  • How to accelerate problem solving, decision-making, and alignment.
  • How to get people to stop multi-tasking and pay attention.
  • How to replace missing non-verbal cues with something better.
  • How to get a quiet person or group to eagerly interact.
  • ...and so much more

Ask about versions of the CPR* FOR Online Meetings course for leaders, for entire virtual teams, and for meeting attendees.

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