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How to Make Your eLearning Webinar Engaging, Interactive, and Fun!

Are you looking for the antidote to boring Death by PowerPoint webinar lectures? Are your online trainers and online course designers frustrated that all the fun is gone when their session is delivered in a webinar? Instead of rich interaction that guarantees success, the webinars have become sterile, boring, and unsuccessful? It doesn’t have to be that way!

What you need is TOUCH-nology™—how to add the human touch when you deliver live training on web conference technology. TOUCH-nology equips your online trainers and online course designers with proven best practices, models, and techniques designed to add the human touch that makes webinars effective—interaction, participation, feedback, rapport, fun, and so much more.

In fact, TOUCH-nology techniques are so effective that you can get participation and learning results that are substantially better than face to face. Really! Our learners tell us that every day!

Choose from these popular online training offerings:

  • TOUCH-nology™ for Online Trainers
  • TOUCH-nology™ for Online Course Developers and Designers

You can also enroll in our eLearning CIC certification program. As an eLearning Certified Interaction Consultant (CIC), you’ll differentiate yourself as an eLearning professional that knows how to make webinar training fantastic. Contact us for more details.

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