Dr. Jaclyn Kostner is the author of two business best-selling books:  Virtual Leadership and Knights of the Tele-Round Table.  

She is the creative genius of a host of webinar-delivered training programs for Virtual Trainers, Virtual Course Designers, Virtual Presenters, Virtual Team Leaders, Virtual Teams, and Virtual Meeting Leaders. 

About Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D., our CEO

  • Instantly better virtual meetings
  • Instantly better webinars
  • Instantly more cohesive virtual teams
  • Greater creativity and innovation, virtually
  • Higher results
  • Happier virtual workers
  • Higher leadership impact virtually

Our Experience

  • Personal attention that solves the communication problems that you face.
  • Interactive training webinars that are highly engaging and interactive and fun.
  • High-impact best practices that people are eager to use right away and that produce results
  • High-quality on-demand courseware to supplement webinar learning.
  • No one has to travel to receive high-quality training
  • ​Very high-value resources at a very reasonable cost

Our Key Solution Benefits:

For 20 years, Bridge the Distance has won the repeat business with Fortune 500 companies, as training contractors that specialize in human communication in the virtual space.  We are Master Experts in applying Skype for Business and WebEx platforms to enable people to work better together, when apart.  

Bridge the Distance is a WBENC Certified Woman Business Enterprise and Woman Owned Business.  It is also a GSA Certified Contractor.


Bridge the Distance

and its CEO,

 Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.

Some Of The Benefits You Will Enjoy Include: